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Amara Apartments

Country United States
State Arizona
City Phoenix
Address 2928 E Osborn Rd
Phone 1 602-902-1422

Amara Apartments Reviews

  • May 22, 2022

Been a rough ride since day 1. (Disclaimer; NOT a complainer, very grateful to have a home during this rough time and have wanted to enjoy living here, I love my apartment, but can't enjoy and this property is violent and aggressive., have bit my lip over and over and over!). Never got to see an apartment. Just handed the keys.

Work from home so when applying told the manager extremely important it's cable-Internet ready. Was told completely internet ready! Get the keys, apartment didn't even have jacks, wiring etc; CenturyLink refused twice to wire or provide service. Let the office know I have 8 days to be wired for work. Said they would be in next day to handle it. Gave them 3 days and went back to office to hear... Who are you? Wow. Never heard from them again. Call the office but not likely they will pick up. Office is open when they want it to be.

..have sat outside the door because I too have a schedule, waiting on them to all pull up 20 min late, get out of one vehicle and stare as they walk by... Wow. . Itzel was extremely nice but they yanked her out of here quick. Walk in the office and get stares.

If I ever did that to customers I would have been fired! Management changes full office wipe out every 2-3 months, changed 3 times since January 2022. Took 6 weeks to get internet. Big struggle! Now on to the first night sleeping here... Teenagers banging on windows, doors, exterior walls, screaming, fighting, children looking though windows, waving, staring... When asking them to stop they just laugh and glare are you.

Been to office 3 times... Nothing's changed at all! The "so called" courtesy patrol.... There is none! Website lies. You are given a number to call to schedule a "drive through". Have literally had teenagers humping underneath my living room window!!!!!!!! When you ask them to stop and they just stare at you like your Fing insane.... Call you "N", threaten you...I guess it's racist both in the office and out!

Opened my door to have dogs run in my apartment! Legit. No lie! Teenage girl runs the property with dogs, cussing, carrying babies with no clothes, shoes, screaming.. there is NO adult supervision so you're on your own with this mess! After the internet struggle they decide they are going to install fiber internet for the property.

Here comes 2 months of jackhammering, rude contractors, blaring music, power shut offs without notice....all while trying to work from home. Have even been asked by 3rd party internet contractors if I could score him coke.....ummmm NO!!!!!!! WTAF!!! Gang related music from contractors, N word and P word being blasted on Bluetooth speaker right outside your window. INSANITY!!!!

Do not work from home here! Almost impossible! Been a huge embarrassment I've had to explain to my bosses on a zoom call!!!! They have even asked me to log off the call until work is over! Asked to transfer and got side eye and a stern NO. Just letting you know what to expect. Civil duty. Next call with be to fair housing.

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