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Alpha Blue Ocean

Country United Kingdom
State England
City London
Address 25 Hanover Square
Phone 44 (0) 203 855 0088

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  • May 4, 2018

I own the shares of CybAero which have fallen very fast, and now there is a trading halt pending an investigation because of a deal with Alpha Blue Ocean and Pierre Vannineuse. The European High Growth Opportunities Fund has given them a loan which is a DEATH SPIRAL. Nasdaq has informed CybAero that an investigation has been initiated due to possible violations of rules. The outcome of this investigation may lead to the matter is handed over to the Nasdaq Stockholm Disciplinary Board for further decision.

Alpha Blue Ocean pretends to invest and then dumps the stock into the open market making a ton of money at the shareholder's expense. They do NOT employ the strategy of an "exit process that will herald a successful and mutually beneficial venture from a smooth disposal to a strategic and synergic buyer, a company buyback or a sale on public markets using our proprietary Artificail Neural Network model for systematic and dynamic trading signal, Darwin IQ." What a load of BS!!! They just dump it on the market sending the price straight down.

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  • Apr 15, 2018

As a shareholder in FIT Biotech OY, I thought an investment by Alpha Blue Ocean would be a positive piece of news for the company, who needed a stable investor to help with their ongoing financing needs. Cleverly disguised as a convertible note, Alpha Blue Ocean merely excersises their notes into stock which they immediately sell at a huge profit. Because these convertibles are floorless, they sell your stock to zero. With Fit Biotech, the stock has decreased over 99% since the deal was consummated in December! Other financings have caused the share prices of companies to plummet including CybAero AB, Mologen AG and Cereno Scientific AB. One company, Induct AS, has declined from 12 to 7 since signing an agreement in January!

Unfortunately, this is an old story for Pierre Vannineuse. He used to run Bracknor Investments, another predatory bucket-shop that destroyed wealth in a variety of companies before he decided to move his scheme to a new name and entity. Alpha Blue Ocean is a complete scam, they just sell the stock they purchase back into the market locking at a hefty profit. Because the number of shares resets at each conversion, they have no motivation to see the share price stabilize or go up. It is sound advice to liquidate all your holding in stocks in which they are financing as the stock will go down sharply as evidenced by their prior deals.

More can be found in the Financial Times:

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