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Country United States
State California
City Irvine
Address 5 Park Plaza Suite 1100
Phone 877.729.2245

Alorica Reviews

  • Dec 31, 2015

I also have had a bad experience with West at Home, now called Alorica Work at Home. I received an email to apply for a work from home position as I had worked for West at Home in the past. After filling out the application, passing all interview phases, passing the computer and network requirements, paying for a background check (which I passed), receiving signing and returning an offer letter, filling out all online paperwork including tax withholding paperwork and completing and having notirized I9 paperwork all of this over the space of 2 and a half months. I continued to get emails asking me for the same paperwork I had already submitted. I resubmitted paperwork everytime I was asked and communicated wih 3 different HR representatives regularly I finally received an email that I was not going to be hired due to their were no positions open. Why did they send emails requesting you apply as they were hiring if they had no open positions. After signing the offer letter completing the I9 and online paperwork I was informed that due to the high volume of applicants they often send paperwork to be filled out and then do not have open positions at this time. This is a totally unacceptable hring process and, if not, I think should be illegal as they ask and recive personal and private information that they are not entitled to if they are not hiring you. Watch out for this company as they will have you running in circles trying to comply with their employment requirements and then inform you they are not hiring you because there are no positions open at this time, check back later. I am disabled and disclosed this during application process and am pretty sure this is the reason that suddenly there were no positions open and therefore I would not be hired.

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