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Allianz Global Assistance

Country United States
State Virginia
City Richmond
Address P.O. Box 72031
Phone (804) 673-1469

Allianz Global Assistance Reviews

  • Sep 14, 2021

Took out travel insurance for a flight to the Bahamas. When the country went to level 4 restricting visitors, our trip was cancelled. They claim they do not cover Covid related claims.

  • Dec 12, 2019

My claim was rejected after they determind that the condition fell under the pre-existing medical condition, for my sons ear infection. My son first visit with he doctor was on June 26 for possible ear infection, and was treated with some ear drops, no reason for it not to be cleared up in one week.

We was planning to travel July 10 2019. We return to the doctor on July 3, and my son was cleared to resume all activity. On July 7th my son ear began to upset him and we return to the doctor on July 9th, and for precaution the doctor suggested that we not fly or swim as the infection had return.

But each time Allianz ask for notes statements, letters etc. and each time we provided what was ask for, we was given a new task. At every turn the reasons was changing. I contacted the California Department of Insurance for help and was told by the Department that Allianz would take closer look and get it right. Not happen. I was rejected again.

  • Nov 3, 2018

I did everything that was asked of me by Allianz Global Assistance. This should have been shut and closed case. My trip was planned for Oct. 5-22. My Travel guest whom I purchased her and my tickets along with the $200 for the insurance, for it was a birthday gift to her. Unfortunately she was arrested 2 weeks before our departure her first court appearance fell on the date we were to fly out. She was required to attend court several times throughout the month. I immediately submitted the documentation to Cheaptickets and they forward the documents to Allianz.

After a couple of weeks I contacted them and they claim they did not received the documents. That should have been a signal to me then that they had no intentions of honoring my claim. I have called and left messages. I am still awaiting a response from them. They make it very convoluted in resolving your issue. They might as well took a gun and rob me.

  • Jul 17, 2018

I purchased four tickets to the Eagles – 2018 North American Tour on Saturday, May 4, 2018 at Moda Center, Portland, OR, as a family present to my husband in celebration of his 50th birthday. While this was a somewhat frivolous gift (given its significant expense - $639.10), I was confident that my dollars were protected because I also purchased the event insurance policy.

Sadly, a few days prior to the concert, we were notified that the lead singer, Don Henley, would not be able to perform due to illness. Instead, he would need a couple weeks to recuperate and return to the Portland stage on Tuesday, May 22, 2018.

Regrettably, my family and I had multiple conflicts with this new performance date and weret be able to attend. I visited the Allianz Global Assistance website, reviewed the claim process and submitted a claim (along with the supporting documentation) for the refund of the ticket costs. This online process required one to complete pre-set fields/categories that limited my ability to accurately portray what had occurred (lead singer was sick) and resulted in a denial of coverage based on their policy not to honor claims that were caused by a promoter cancellation.

Given that the decision to reschedule was not a decision made by the promoter but instead in support of the performer I appealed the denial and provide extensive documentation along with several emails to the company but was eventually denied again because they decided (even without it being clearly stated in their policy) that this situation most represetned a venue/prmoter cancellation which they state in the contract is not supported.

Clearly, the illness of a band’s lead performer is one of those unforeseen situations that should be recognized as a legitimate reason for honoring the claim. The refusal to do so is just another unfortunate example of how these types of companies and insurance packages promosign protection just prey on honest people's need/belief for a little extra security when making large investments/purchases.

  • Jul 8, 2018

My husband and I went on transatlantic cruise from Miami to Barcelona on April 22, 2018. We arrived to Baarcelona on May 6, 2018 and continue our travel in Europe visiting diffrent countries.

When we booked the cruise I bought travel insurance for cruise coverage. And for the travel in Europe we bought travel insurance

from Allianz Grobal Travel Insurance company in February 2018 for over $ 900, which was supposed to provide coverage starting from May 6, 2018, when we arrived to Barcelona, Spain to July 20, 2018, when we planned to return back home in US.

(Policy # 0005612537).

During this trip my backpack, part of our laggage, was stolen with my iPhone 8+ in it.

In June 2018 my husband became very ill with severe back and right leg pain and was not able to walk inspite of pain killers and muscle relaxant. We decided to promptly return home to seek medical attention and treatent. We canceled all futher reservations

and returned back home on June 19 (instead of July 19 as initially planned) with my husband on a weelchair.

I filed a claim with Allianz Grobal Insurance due to trip interruption and baggage loss and submited alll required documents including doctor's note and police report for stolen backpack.

After about 3 weeks of reviewing the documents the person from clain department called me and stated that we are not eligible for reimburstment because our policy was supposed start from home or less then 100 miles from home, but not while we were already on the trip. She emaled me awebsite of appeal department, but it was not available on line!

As a result of this denial we have lost over $ 2500 including cost of insurance!!

My husband and I are retired and this amount of money is very significant for us.

Is there any way to help us with this issue?!

  • Nov 9, 2017

I bought tickets for a Chrysler Hall show at Chryslerhall . tickets . com. Since then I found out that I have to go out of the country during these days on business. When I tried to use the insurance it was tough to understand what they wanted to make the insurance work. They wanted massive proof of a qualifying reason to get only some of my money back. They actually wanted my tax ID number as proof of employment which I refused to provide. I asked for the name of the person on the phone and he would not provide me his last name. So you want my tax ID number but I can't have your name, I asked. In addition, when I asked for his supervisor he was not available. After more investigation I then discovered that I had been charged three times what the tickets really cost at Ticketmaster. That was just icing on the cake for me. The insurance is a joke. Terms of the insurance coverage are not fully disclosed up front. Even if you meet one of the few qualifying reasons to get some, not all of your money back, you lose. Basically you lose most of your money that you paid in good faith. Beware of what I deem as borderline fraud. I made a mistake but feel that I was truly misled. I hope the expensive tickets I paid for will actually work when I try to use them. The insurance is a joke and the ticket sales are just plane out scalping the tickets.

  • Oct 17, 2017

I purchased Celine Dion tickets for Las Vegas for Oct 4 and bought insurance. The mass killing occurred on Oct 1& continued into Oct 2. When I called my airport in CT on Oct 2 the airport was not making any flights to Las Vegas or receiving any incoming flights. I was told that they had no idea how long it would be before flights resumed to Las Vegas. After speaking with a Southwest representative she suggested cancelling my trip and rescheduling it at a later date. Las Vegas was in a state of chaos, traffic was being re-routed and hotels were still in lockdown. We cancelled our trip and everyone else that we bought tours and shows to refunded our money without question and seemed only too glad to help us out.

Only Allianz will not refund our $416.06 even though this tragic event was the worst mass killing in the US. They stated that it did not meet their proctocol (how could it? ) this has never happened to this degree prior to this. Sometimes some proctocl cannot be written down and would be placed under a simple "other" and reviewed with an explanation.

I feel that this company is a fraud and perhaps never reimburses anyone for the insurance policy they have taken out. It appears that they keep the insurance money and ignore everything and all claims without regard to subject.

How could they expect me to just go there and party after all these innocent people were killed and seriously injured. Furthermore how was I supposed to get there? Drive?

My policy number is and the claim # is 0004702778

It would be very interesting to see the results of an audit as to exactly how many insurance claims were paid off and how many were not in a specific time period.

  • Feb 3, 2017

Because of concerns of an up and coming business trip, i decided to purchase travel insurance on the american airlines ticket system to cover the cost of the trip in the event of trip cancellation as advertised. The $550 ticket was insured for $23 against cancellation.

As expected, my customer did cancel the meeting and i needed to re-route to my next meeting. I was under the impression that by purchasing the extra trip protection/cancellation insurance that i would be able to get a refund on the cost of the ticket.

I selected the insurance option and the price was added to the cost of the ticket.

I received an email from allianz globlal services indicating their appreciation for me purchasing the insurance and then provided me a copy of the policy. The policy was 33 pages with a summary at the top that indicated reasons for trip cancellation. This was after the purchase was made. Upon receipt, there was no exclusion for trip cancellations that would meet my criteria so i assumed that the insurance was valid.

I filed a claim on january 2, 2017 and provided the required documentation of the cancellation notice from american airlines and the reason for cancellation as requested..

No additional communication with the compan was received until i checked on the status on february 2, 2017 and realized that the claim was denied.

I immediately contacted allianz global services (1-800-628-5404) and spoke to sarah. She refused to provide her last nameor any other identifying information. I requested reasons why the claim was denied and placed on hold for a three minute period. When she returned she indicated that the denial was for reasons of exclusion as stated in the policy.

I requested to speak to a supervisor and was denied. I then requested documentation where in the policy it stated that if a trip was canceled unexpectedly, the insurance would not provide a refund. Again i was placed on hold while the research was conducted. When sarah returned she directed me to a page and cited a reason that i was not a member the military or had an emergency situation therefore the claim was denied.

I once again requested to speak to a supervisor and was denied. Sarah then indicated i could file a written appeal or an email appeal to the following address:

Allianz global assistance claim appeals

9950 mayland drive

Richmond va 23233

Which i have done. Based upon the fact that they would not allow me to speak to supervisory personnel, i'm going under the assumption that the letter that i'm submitting will go unanswered and on responded.

I view this is out and out fraud by not providing clear understanding of front of what this worthless insurance policy covers since it clearly does not cover trip cancellation for reasons outside of the ordinary.

If nothing else, i hope that someone will read this outscam and not experience the same frustration that i have.

  • Nov 12, 2016

Don't bother getting travel insurance from Allianz it is virtually worthless-almost no medical conditions are covered-look at the exclusions on page 14-mental illness/suicide not covered for you or family member,prexisting conditions are not covered. Not even sure how they can legally do this. I am going to complain to the state insurance commissioner in Virginia! Major reasons people cancel trips is medical emergencies but since everything is excluded, save your money and gamble.

  • Aug 26, 2016

I purchased Allianz Global Assistance trip insurance and had to cancel my trip. I submitted a doctors' note, per their policy. My main reason for cancelling was chest pain; it was accompanied with heart palipitations which made me anxious about flying.

Allianz classified my reason for cancelling the trip as anxiety, which is not covered under their policy. They do not provide refunds for mental health related issues.

I submitted an appeal to clarify that chest pain was my reason for cancelling. It was causing me anxiety ( palpitations may or may not have been related, we aren't sure) because of my prior medical history. My doctor and I decided I should not travel. They denied my claim; still maintaining they do not refund for mental health issues.

I responded with a request for their supporting documentation that lists chest pain as a symptom of anxiety. Will post when i've received a response.

  • May 24, 2016

My employer (of 9 years) told me they needed me to travel to Taiwan for two months for a business trip. Because the trip was to be so long, I had planned to have my significant other accompany me. My employer paid for my airfare and I paid for an identical itinerary on Delta Airlines for my significant other. The airfare was $1608.46 after all taxes and fees. I also purchased the Allianz Travel Insurance for and additional $189.00 (total cost of $1797.46).

I purchased the Travel Insurance for three main reasons:

1. Peace of mind while travelling. My bags would be covered by American Express due to the way I booked my airfare through my employer. I wanted my significant other to be covered as well.

2. Medical coverage abroad. My significant other uses an insurance plan that does not extend coverage to her while abroad, and two months without insurance in a foreign country seemed an unreasonable risk.

3. Trip cancellation protection. My employer had recently announced a massive layoff and there was a very real possibility that I would lose my job and need to cancel the trip.

Sidebar: While I personally would have purchased the Travel Insurance protection for reasons 1 and 2 alone, I can see why someone would purchase this coverage simply for the Trip Cancellation protection. All economy class tickets purchased from Delta Airlines for this flight are non-refundable. Refundable tickets (business class) were priced at $4500 - three times the price of economy class. Economy class with Trip Protection is the only economical option for most consumers.

I purchased the airfare on April 26th, 2016. I was told at the time of purchase that the travel insurance had to be purchased separately due to payment being made through PayPal. I added the travel insurance on April 29th, 2016 payment via Mastercard.

I was hesitant to make the purchase with the impending layoffs at work, but after reading the Travel Insurance policy documentation I felt confident that in the unlikely event that I, the travelling companio, to the named policy holder, my significant other, was laid off, that we could refund the cost of the trip under the Trip Cancellation policy.

Below is the entire language from the policy documentation discussing trip cancellation coverage relating to work:

"Work Termination or layoff You or a traveling companion is terminated or laid off from a company after your plan’s effective date. Specific requirements: (all must apply)  The termination or layoff isn’t your fault; and  You worked for this employer for at least three continuous years."

Unfortunately, the odds of me being included in the layoff were not as "unlikely" as I had hoped. On May 5, 2016 my boss informed me that he no longer had a job for me. My employer had previously made arrangements with the travel agency that they can exchange the airfare they had purchased for me, but I was still on the hook for the $1797.46 I had paid for my significant other to accompany me. I was fortunate that even though my position was being eliminated, my skills were valuable in other parts of the company. I interviewed for, and received a new position in another division of the company. I then began the process of cancelling the trip to Taiwan, which began the nightmare with Allianz Travel Insurance. I would seek a refund of $1608.46 - not expecting to receive the $189 insurance premium refunded.

I called Allianz Customer Service on May 6th, and the gentleman that answered told me that my claim should be covered and told me how to navigate their website to submit a claim. I uploaded all of the documentation that I could come up with and submitted the claim on May 9th. I immediately received an email stating that my documents had been received and that they would take up to 10 days to review. They offered a link where I could check the status of my claim. I had not heard anything after 9 days (on May 18th, 2016), so I checked the link and found a letter stating that my claim had been denied. They said it was a "named perils" policy and that "cancelling your business trip due to your traveling companion no longer works in the department they were scheduled to travel for business is not included among those reasons." I disagree. While Allianz does not provide much in terms of legal language and disclaimer, the limited language they do provide seems to indicate that this is exactly the situation that they would cover.

I, the travelling companion of named insured, was informed by my employer of 9 years that my position within the company was being eliminated. This information came after the plans effective date and prior to travel.

It is irrelevant that I have since then obtained another job within the company. The policy documents do not declare that the named insured or travelling companion be in any specific financial crisis or state of unemployment to file the claim.

I have submitted an appeal to Allianz on May 18th, 2016 (5 days ago), but have not yet heard a response. I called customer service again today and they told me to resend my request for appeal because they may not have received it.

I consider myself fortunate that I can financially tolerate this charge on my credit card at this time, but I understand that this happens to many people all the time. It is a cruel injustice and I have decided to make it my mission to correct this for the benefit of all the people that do not have the time, patience, or resources to fight for their rights.

Booking a flight is, in essence, a reservation for a service. Cancelling that reservation should be a full-refund process. No service was rendered and the airline is free to sell your reserved seat to another traveller - especially in circumstances where adequate notice is given before travel. However, as it stands, a consumer is unable to obtain a refund for their purchase even if they wish to cancel within minutes of making the reservation. Refundable tickets are only offered to those travellers with substatially larger disposable incomes. Consumers are told that their ticket will be refundable if they purchase an additional Travel Insurance Policy, but the underwriters for these policies make every effort to scam and swindle the consumer in order to avoid paying out any claims.

Furthermore, I was told that my $189 insurance premium was not refundable.

I hope that Allianz eventually approves my claim and refunds my airfare, taxes, fees, and ideally the insurance premium, but I am focusing now on the bigger bigture. This process is too difficult. The responses I have received from Allianz Travel Insurance feel criminal. I can only imagine how many people are swindled out of their hard-earned money through similar circumstances. I am currently looking into filing a class action lawsuit against Allianz Travel Insurance or perhaps against all airline providers for their policy of non-refundable airfare.

Please reply of you have information that may help me push this case forward, if you have a similar situation and wish to join this class, or if you are a lawyer that wishes to present this case.

  • Oct 28, 2015



  • Sep 22, 2015

I cancelled my return fight home after my father's oncologist said my father didn't have long to live. I purchased travel ins offered by Allianz when I purchased my on-line airline tickets. When I made my reservations, I knew my father was sick, but I did not know he was dying. I expected to visit him for two weeks and then return home.

My request for a refund was denied by a rep in the Travel Claims Dept who stated their insurance does not cover "pre-existing" conditions. A pre-existing condition is defined by "any illness/injury that a person was seeking or receiving treatment for or had symptoms of on the day the insurance was purchased, or at any time in the 120 days before it was purchased."

I sent an appeal stating the "pre-existing" information is not listed when clicking the box for travel insurance, but my appeal was denied by Brian Boyles, Claims Escalation Examiner.

He stated I received an email from Allianz at the time I purchased airline tickets stating I had a 10 day "free-look" period and my email didn't bounce so they know I received it. Upon reading the email Mr. Boyles referred to, I clicked on the link to Allianz's website, but had to dig to find the coverage information which is in their Q&A section.

I purchased travel ins in good faith. Allianz's competitor, Aon Affinity, refunded my husband's return flight (he flew out a few days after I did) with the same set of circumstances. We believe Allianz's airline insurance program is deceptive and is not consumer friendly.

  • Aug 22, 2015

I bought tickets for Cozumel for my daughter and I through Orbitz in April 2015 to depart July13th. I purchased insurance incase of cancellations, delays, or medical. 3 1/2 hours before the flight. American Airlines called and said my flight from Corpus Christ to Dallas was cancelled due to a crew problem and there were no other flights available. They then asked if I purchased insurance, which I did, and should cover lost cost. My activities and hotel was all pre-paid in April. I called Allianz that morning to file a claim and was told I will hear from them within 10 days. A month later, no response. I called back Allianz and was told my claim was denied because it was because of a crew problem and I should have read the "fine print". I spoke to supervisor and I reminded her cancellations was the first thing they advertise. I asked several hyperthetical questions and she had an excuse for every possible scenerio from cancellations, delays, and medical. It was very apparent they have no intentions to pay claims and will demand the traveler to gather impossible information and paperwork. This company is a true scam! I researced and found out they apparently have "small print" excuses to deny the most common travel scenarios that they advertise they will cover. This company needs to be investigated by Federal authorities and be forced to reimburse passengers that relied on them at a time of need.

  • Aug 13, 2015

I purchased airline reservations from and included their "insurance" which is covered by Allianz Global Assistance. The evening before my airline departure, the airline called and cancelled the flight with no explanation. I was offered another flight from a different airport which was an hour away from my home.

My original booking with Orbitz included a charge for "Preferred Seating". When I got to the re-routed airport there were no more preferred seats available on the new flight.

Additionally, since my return flight was unchanged and I was still flying back to my originally booked airport, I did not want to drive my car to the re-routed airport as I would not have a car when I returned. I opted instead to take a taxi at 3:30 in the morning to get on my 6AM flight.

I submitted a claim to Allianz for the Preferred Seating charges and the taxi charge. Their letter to me stated that after review their coverage only covered "specific situations, events and losses..and only under the conditions we describe. Unfortunatly, a cancellation or delay by your airline is not included among those reasons." What a rip-off!

If cancellation by an airline is not adequate for reimbursement by insurance, I think that Orbitz is misleading the consumer when they offer it and their relationship with Allianz needs to be severed.

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