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Alex Baker

Country United States
State Nevada
City Las Vegas
Address 2801 N. Rainbow Blvd
Phone 469 299 8651

Alex Baker Reviews

  • Aug 11, 2019

I was contacted by a guy named Alex (later learned it was Alex Baker) who wanted to purchase a guitar I have for sale on Craigs list. He wanted me to accept a check from him and I told him there was only one way, it Must be a personal check written by him to me, on a bank I can take it directly to in order to cash it there.

He wanted me to pay his "Movers" from a larger amaount, and in return he would add $80 to my price.

This sounded like a scam so I told him in no uncertain terms that I will NOT accept any check for more than the amount of the purchase, and the abobe constraints apply to it even then.

We texted back and forth and it seemed that he understood that I would not accept his check unless my requirments were met.

But he sent me a check by Priority Mail that is supposedly written by a company in Mississippi for $2550.22

I texted him back that I was going to tear this up or mail it back to the company that wrote it, but he is still standing on his story that he just needs me to pay his movers.

Perhaps I should have played along long enough to find out who his movers are, but I looked up his name on this site, and snapped a picture of one of the listings about him and his scam. I don't expect to hear back from him.

So now I can tear this check up.

I do think I will contact the company he scammed by using their name and I guess a bogas checking acount to produce the check. Since all the security devises that are built into these checks seem to work, I wonder where he is getting these check blanks?

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