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AJ Rivera

Country United States
State California
City Santa Monica

AJ Rivera Reviews

  • Apr 30, 2019

A while back I purchase AJ Rivera's marketing system for fitness trainers for $6000 (back when he was doing it under a different business name, I think PT Freedom). Not only does his program not work very well but his sales staff lies to you to get you to buy it.

When I first talked to his sales rep over the phone he made it sound like AJ was the fitness business guru and he'd mentor me and make my fitness business successful. Being new to owning a studio the idea of having a "fitness business guru" mentor me sounded great.

But here's what I got: At no point did I even talk to AJ and he's no guru. For $6000 you get a basic facebook marketing course and some basic sales videos. This is the same marketing course he gives to everyone, so every fitness person is running the same ads. You may have seen them: "Huge Opportunity! We're looking for 15-20 women...etc." He doesnt even teach about retargeting or any of the more advanced stuff. Its just a generic ad and he recommends using the same 6 photos to all his clients.

If any of you are foolish enough to talk to AJ Rivera Fitpro then I'd highly recommend you record the conversation and let them know it's being recorded. At which point they'll either be very careful what they say or most likely get off the phone with you. Then be prepared to sue them for fraud.

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