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A to Z wireless

Country United States
State California
City San Diego
Address 1640 Camino Del Rio N Suite 127
Phone 1 619-692-3223

A to Z wireless Reviews

  • Jun 9, 2019

This foreign owned Middle Eastern run cell phone repair has a local reputation for ripping off customers. They steal from purses,

Never trust an Indian foreigner to treat you like an American business owner. It will not happen. They work off a whole different set of rules.

This final note is just a personal observation.

1) do they ever shower?

2) do they know what deordorant is and how and when to use it?

3) are they just too cheap to afford deordorant?

Aweful body odor in the shop. Very bad.

I dealt with an Amin Kamaluddin and his partner Rahim last week. I talked to my friends about my experience with them over the weekend. This is what prompted me to write this review. It seems they back each other when it comes to lies and theft. I literally caught Amin trying to reach into a purse. When he was caught him he claimed he was trying to find out who left it there. Total crap. You pick it up and ask "who belongs to this purse". You do not reach inside it. You could tell from his reaction he already had a contigency plan for this type of reaction.

Never shop here folks. They are pure evil. Never let them valet park your car either. You will have to allow it to be stolen like Jerry Seinfeld. You will never get that smell out of the car!

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