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report scam

43Rd Realty Group LLC

Country United States
State New York
Address 1481 47th Street
Phone (718) 438-5100

43Rd Realty Group LLC Reviews

  • May 24, 2022

I have been with this entity for longer than I care to remember. When it went by different names. I've even reported on them. From the beginning it was a nightmare. They never maintained the building, my building. They because of a court enforced stipulation I was forced to temporarily relocate (4 years).

While they renovated the building. I've been manipulated and lied to. I was deceived and duped from the beginning to end. They were disingenuous, nothing but machinations, evasions. The building isn't even registered with the agencies HPD or DHCR. The so called renovations are specious, meaning that they look good on the surface but underneath inside it's a whole different story.

Abraham Leser the founder and president of Leser Group Ltd is in reality the actual owner and has been since he bought this building plus 2 others that Interconnect with this building in 1972. Leser is a powerful and influential figure in the real estate industry.

They've given a lease to every tenant except me. I am so upset by everything that's going on that I've become I'll. Doing this report is the only way that I can relieve some of the stress.

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